If parents use their children for exploitation - they will be prosecuted by social services and risk being put in jail.  

Health and Social Protection Minister, Ogerta Manasriliu, in the presence of the Romacted Program of the European Commission and the Council of Europe announced that they would not tolerate abusive or spiteful parents.  In addition to the punitive measure to be applied, social policies to help families in need will also be introduced to help combat this problem.  

"The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has undertaken an initiative for the immediate identification of and assistance for exploited children, in a move to curb child labor," said Ogerta Manastirliu. 

Working groups will be on the ground to identify children who are being economically exploited. The minors will receive immediate assistance and family members will be offered alternatives.  The Deputy Director for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations in the European Union, Mrs. Katarína Mathernová said that Albania has made progress in regards to legislation, bringing it in line with international standards and conventions. 

During 2017, 1650 at risk children were served by the Child Protection Units, out of which, 387 children were identified as either economically exploited or involved in begging in the streets. 

The Council of Europe's common program aims to help local self-government in some municipalities in Albania, such as Fier, Korça, Berat and Tirana, for involving minority communities in policy making and policy implementation at the local level.

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