Despite the positive expectations of the Minister of Finance, the expectations of International Institutions predict a slowdown in economic growth in Albania.

According to the World Bank Albania is expected to have an economic growth of around 3.5% in 2019-2020.

Meanwhile Kosova is expected to have the highest economic growth in the region in the next two years reaching 4.5%.

According to the World Bank the best economic performance is expected to have Kosova, Serbia and Bosnia- Herzegovina in 2020, ranking Albania as fourth in the region in terms of economic growth.

Also, the International Monetary Fund predicts that in 2019 the growth of the Albanian economy will slow down to 3.7 percent conditioned mainly from the completion of two large investments, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline and the Devoll Cascade.

According to IMF Albania is expected to have the same level of economic performance with Kosovo and Serbia, only exceeding Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Experts have reservations about the factors that have brought economic growth above 4% this year.

This is because in Albania economic growth is not based on high technology sectors, innovation in production or exports.

This is because the Albanian economy has grown from the contribution of electricity production and has no impact on the expansion of employment or the level of living of Albanian citizens.