Programming and statistical information confirm that 95% of the television audience are tuned into private media in Albania. 

Despite the evidence proving that it is they who serve the public their daily information, government support tothe organizations in non-substantial. 

To increase the quality of information, reporting and broadcasting, private media have filed a draft law with the Audiovisual Media Authority.

Head of the Audiovisual Media Authority, Aleksander Frangaj, said that this draft law originated in 2012, when the then ruling DP failed to find common language that could be agreed upon by the then-opposition Socialists.

"A part of the fee for the use of a television set needs to go to private media. Information media will be prioritized for support over entertainment," explained Aleksander Frangaj.

The bill has found the support of all private television institutions, whose representatives' point out that it will increase the quality of information and thus avoid the spread of "fake news". 

"This draft law will increase the quality of information and reporting," stated Ilva Tare, the Information Director at Ora News.

While owner of Report TV, Carlo Bolino, said that the draft law will avoid the spread of "fake news".

For some other leaders the law is overdue, but it will garnish to their media the independence of any government.

"The project will give to private media more independence," confirmed Ben Blushi, the Information Director at Top Channel.

Albania is not the first state to cast an idea for such a law, with many other European countries providing a portion of the television usage fees to support private media.