The Democratic Party MP Enkelejd Alibeaj, on behalf of the Democratic Party, appealed to Tirana's Prosecution Office to order the suspension of the Chief General Prosecutor, Arta Marku.

According to the Democrat MP, the chief prosecutor has committed an abuse of office by dismissing serious crime prosecutors.

"The abuse of office by Arta Marku is a matter that requires a quick investigation by the Tirana's Prosecution Office to prevent further destruction of the cases against Tahiri, Shullazi or any other issue that Edi Rama is concerned about.

"The Democratic Party calls on Tirana's Prosecution Office to order, without delay, the suspension of Arta Marku and launch an investigation into her actions," stated Enkelejd Alibeaj.

According to the Democratic Party, the prosecutor's investigations should also reveal any link or communications between the chief prosecutor and the Prime Minister Edi Rama, his secretary Engjëll Agaçi or the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj.

"We urgently need to verify:

"- What are the direct or indirect links between Arta Marku and Edi Rama?

"- What kind of communication does Arta Marku have with Engjëll Agaçi and how has this affected investigations into "Tahiri" or delayed the "Shullazi" case?

"- What else has been asked of the Chief Prosecutor by Fatmir Xhafaj, Ulsi Manja, Ermonela Felaj or any other Socialist MP?" added Alibeaj.

According to the Democrat MP, to suspend and investigate Arta Marku without delay would be a great and honest service from the prosecutors in the pursuit of justice.