The Independent Qualification Commission decided on reconfirmation of office for the head of the Constitutional Court, Bashkim Dedja.

The re-evaluation subject himself was not present at today's session, but was represented by his lawyer, Maks Haxhia, who had filed two claims though they were not taken into account.

Despite this, the trial chamber composed of Valbona Sanxhaktari, Roland Ilia and Xhensila Pine decided to reconfirm him.

"The Trial Chamber decided with majority of votes on the reconfirmation of the subject Bashkim Dedja in the function of Judge and Chair of the Constitutional Court," reads the verdict of the IQC.

Lawyer Maks Haxhia, speaking after the decision, did not spare criticisms against the Relator, Xhensila Pine, who had concluded that Dedja had unclear origins and unjustifiable money in his wealth declarations.

"From our verification it has been proven as fact that Mensur Dedja, Bashkim Dedja's brother, bought the apartment at a cost of 40 thousand euro and put collateral for his grandson in the bank, clearly showing that he had the finances for this.

"The case was conducted in a sporadic nature and whilst I cannot say that the commission violated its own procedures, it must be said that the Commission is here serve by undertaking a thorough investigation," said Maks Haxhia.

Further, Haxhia added that the lack of a deep investigation has damaged the public reputation of the judge.

"This case was not reviewed accordingly and was not made available as per the procedures. This case should serve as example, in order to ensure that nothing be considered as evidence until it has been investigated and verified to the end.

"I regret that the figure and personality of Mr. Dedja was denigrated publicly. In my opinion, he is one of the most correct personalities within the justice system," said Maks Haxhia.

Bashkim Dedja and Vitore Tusha are the only judges of the Constitutional Court who have successfully passed the Vetting process. The only judge remaining that is yet to go through the "filters" is Gani Dizdari.