The Democratic Party has called the adoption of the draft law to destroy the Theater as a parliamentary mafia act.

In a media conference, Democratic MP Albana Vokshi said the decision to rob the public of property purely for the purpose of crime and laundering of drug money is the reasoning behind such references.

"Edi Rama uses the "Fusha" company as a shell company to clean drug and corruption money. He is building 6 towers, three of which are projected to be built on the territory of the National Theater."

"Parliament's unconstitutional vote to collapse the National Theater and rob the public of land is a mafia act."

"Money laundering and corruption is the only reason for the urgency from Edi Rama who demands approval within 5 days by order of an accelerated procedure, in violation of Regulation, including the 4 laws in force and the Constitution."

"Rama's bargains with Fusha did not start today or with this draft law. Their story is rich, yet never investigated by the seized justice system," said Albana Vokshi.

But Vokshi warned that the opposition and citizens who want culture will not allow public property robbery.

"The Democratic Party, the opposition and the citizens who want to preserve cultural values as part of our European identity, citizens who do not accept this robbery from the government will not allow the triumph of evil!"

"In the days ahead, the Democratic Party will publish other serious facts of this corrupt and criminal affair, linking Edi Rama, Erion Veliaj and Fusha to the world of crime and drugs," said Albana Vokshi.

Parliament adopted the draft law for the National Theater in last Thursday's plenary session using only the Majority's vote and currently awaits decree by the President to allow its entry into force.