The Democratic Party has called out the issue of expired medicines that, according to them, are contained at the pharmaceutical depot of the Mother Theresa Hospital. 

Speaking from the blue headquarters, MP Bardh Spahia accused Minister Manastirliu of serving private pharmaceutical companies which, by donating the expired medicines to the Mother Theresa Hospital", save money for their disposal.

“Earlier, an investigation by the BIRN news agency found that 15 tons or 93 percent of the medicines at the central pharmacy of the Mother Teresa Hospital have expired. 

“The scandalous news was silently passed over by the government to cover its service to Mafia medicine.

“Since being appointed in duty five years ago, Ogerta Manastirliu, in a criminal act and violation of the law, has allowed the medicines in the hospital's pharmaceutical depot to expire. 

“This is as a result of constantly accepting suspicious tenders and short-term medicines, the destruction of which has very high costs.

“In this case, Mother Theresa Hospital’s pharmaceutical depot is being used as a garbage bin to clean up the warehouses of some private companies. 

“This act saves them hundreds of millions lekë for the disposal of expired medicines,” concluded Bardh Spahia.

Minister Manastirliu reacted immediately. She assures the citizens that there are no medicines in circulation that have past the expiration date.

“I have an answer for those who reopened the sack of “expired" slander.

"I assure citizens and patients that at the Mother Theresa Hospital’s Pharmacy there are no medicines expired, because each is handled by a verification team. 

“It enters the pharmacy under a digitized system and surrenders to the services, controlled by the responsible teams.

“Regarding expired medication that accumulated from 2009 and ongoing, in the depot of the Medical Center of Tirana, the procedure of their disposal has been conducted based on the legislation in force,” responded Manastirliu.

The Minister adds that an destruction procedure has begun for all expired drugs that have accumulated in the Mother Theresa Hospital" stores since 2009.