Despite the increase of construction permits issued in 2017, the construction sector continues to face a number of problems, which have curbed the growth of this sector.

Following the report from the Bank of Albania, where it was ascertained that confidence in the progress of this sector was negative, the builders themselves explain that they are facing a series of difficulties.

The Constructors' Association states that permits are granted mainly for the Tirana-Durres area, while in other districts the situation has not improved.

The Association thinks some other elements that affect the pessimism of this sector are the sale of apartments which are built in wrong areas, the lack of public investment, and that infrastructure tax remains high.

"A reduction on sales and infrastructure taxes will positively impact public investment" said the Association.

The Bank of Albania, in its report, announced a decrease in yheconstruction sector, with also a decrease in confidence compared to the first three months of last year.