The General Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into the former Supreme Court judge, Admir Thanza. 

The investigation has started from the Decriminalization Section at the Organ of Accuse, with Judge Thanza charged of making a false statement on the self-declaration form. 

Yesterday the Supreme Court Judge went through vetting, resulting in a series of problems.

From the in-depth investigation of the IQC, it turned out that Thanza has hidden a punishment for theft in Italy by not declaring it in the decriminalization form. 

Meanwhile, the Prosecution requested the document obtained by the IQC which confirms the sentencing Thanza, which had been provided by the International Monitoring Association.

Also, the judge had problems with his wealth, as it resulted with a number of apartments from Shkodra to Tirana for which he could not justify his source of income. 

In addition, Judge Admir Thanza resulted in problems with regards to the purity of his figure.

From the CISD data, it resulted that the judge had inadequate contacts with criminal elements. The IQC's decision for Thanza will be given on July 17th.