The Cape of Rodon should be turned into a protected marine area. Environmentalists are anxious as a result of Minister Belinda Balluku's proposal to build a Yacht Port in this area.

Environmentalist Abdulla Diku points out that Albania must meet the standards for protected marine areas, while adding that this area has also been declared a Natural Monument.

According to the Environmentalist, the construction of a yacht harbor at the Cape of Rodon would damage the ecosystem, especially during the construction phase.

“It will be accompanied by negative environmental impacts. The most sensitive ecosystem is the coastal one that will be directly affected.

“There are large quantities of concrete that will be placed in the area and significant numbers of vehicles that will move throughout the area,” said Abdulla Diku.

For the former head of the Coastal Agency, yacht ports in Albania are important for tourism, but before approving projects it is necessary to conduct proper studies to find the right areas.

“Albania has no tradition of this. It is important to get the world's best expertise to do something to compete with our neighbors in the level of service and quality of upgrading these ports,” said Auron Tare.

Sources from RTV Ora have announced that the requested proposal provides a tender period of 35 years in order for the tender winner to build a yacht port at the Cape of Rodon.

According to the proposal, the concession for the port is designed to be built on the Southern coastline of the Gulf of Drin, about 7 kilometers from the Cape of Rodon.