There are 10,000 citizens that have chosen the platform of co-governance to address their problems, while 150 employees of the administration have been punished. 

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that this platform, apart from solving the problems of the citizens, ensures appropriate observation of every employee in the administration, making it possible to reduce to bribery in the country to zero.

"We estimate there are 10,000 cases that have been addressed on the platform and can confirm there are about 150 cases of administration employees who have received their deserved punishments, from dismissal to prosecution. 

The platform's purpose is double, not only solve problems but also identify those who conduct themselves with poor habits in the administration," said Edi Rama. 

Some citizens also offered concrete examples of solving their problems using the platform of co-governance. 

Prime Minister Rama invited all citizens to address their problems to the platform of co-governance as they will be directly connected with the relevant minister for their case.