The Administrative Court has accepted a lawsuit raised by prosecutor Bujar Sheshi, abolishing the decision made by the Files Authority that Sheshi is a former state security worker.

The decision was handed down by Judge Emiljano Ruli, who accepted Sheshi’s request to overturn the decision of the File Authority.

He annulled the decision made by the File Authority by fully accepting the lawsuit that disputed the authority's pretence that Sheshi was one of the former state security associates and alleged that the file found by the Authority as for a person named Bujar Sheshi, but was not related to the same individual.

“The court has accepted the allegations that it is not the same person and Bujar Sheshi is not a former state security officer.

“The Bujar Sheshi in question has performed his duty as an investigator at that time in accordance with the law.

“Our allegations have been that that File Authority cannot interpret the acts found in the various archives in this way.

“They should have conveyed accurate information in the way they found it,” said Ruli.

Meanwhile, the head of the File Authority, Genta Sula has announced an appeal with the Administrative Court.

Also, the High Council of Prosecution member has indicted the head of the File authority to the prosecution for abuse of duty, as well as the members of the commission that have made the decision.