The requirement of investigations into the oil and gas sector have been the main message from the Chief Prosecutor General, Arta Marku for her subordinates in the accusation body of Fier.  

Althpugh the meeting was held begind closed doors, sources say Marku's stayement was:  

"The Fier district is one of the country's largest economies. A large number of companies operate  in the private market in Fier, including the oil and gas sector. "For 2017, an extremely insignificant number have been investigated in the field of taxation, while we are aware that behaviors that violate tax legislation are numerous and often criminally punishable." 

 According to Marku, concealment of income cannot be achieved by commercial entities without the assistance and co-operation of tax administration officials, who often exchange their core mission of collecting revenue for the State Budget for receiving personal benefits.  

The referral of only criminal offenses and not of every evidence ascertained was another order by the chief prosecutor, who, after Fier, traveled to Vlora to participate in their annual work analysis.