Justice institutions need to be more cautious in raising charges against businesses.

The confederation, referring to recent cases of businesses defrauding through VAT schemes, demands that the charges remain unaffected by politics and competition in the market.

“The case of the sensational bans of January 2019 relating to charges of embezzling 18 million euro via fictitious VAT schemes, and the complete lack of ongoing public opinion data, should not be repeated.

“No one knows today what has been done with the case, the number of closed or ongoing files, the processes followed or what measures have been taken by the prosecution for failing to defend the charge in court,” said the Confidustry.

In the announcement to the media, the Confindustry General Administrator, Gjergj Buxhuku, points out that there is significant moral and financial damage caused to both citizens and businesses by the publication of names in the media, only then to have prosecution charges dropped by a court decision.

“In democratic states, the financial rewards of the state in such cases are quite high.

“It should be understood, however, that such fraudulent schemes of high financial value cannot be created and implemented without the participation and corruption of representatives at all levels of state agencies and clearly depict problems in the applicable legislation,” explained the Confindustry.

However, the Confindustry estimates that hitting abusive businesses with the law, especially in cases of pure state budget robberies with fraudulent VAT schemes, is necessary to protect competition as a basic condition of a market economy, as well as increases confidence in the justice system and, therefore, should be taken all the way to the end.

/Ora News.tv/