The chair of the Democratic Party held a meeting with 300 European Democratic students to announce that part of the opposition's platform is to reduce university tariffs to 0 of tariff for Albanian students.

Lulzim Basha said that, additionally a special fund will be set up for infrastructure, labs and dormitories.

“Bachelor and Master fees will be 0 for students with family incomes under 640 thousand lekë per month. This means university will be free for over 90% of students.

“Furthermore, we will halve the fees for the rest of students coming from households with income over 640 thousand lekë per month. These changes will be funded by the state budget,” explained Basha.

Also present at the meeting was the son of Sokol Olldashi, for whom the Democratic chair declared as worth of particular merit for his part in the student protests.

According to the Democratic leader, everyone is responsible for contributing to the improvement of Albania's image in the world.

“His merit is that, on the first day, he was beside the Albanian students in the ‘battle’ for higher education of European standards.

“But, of course, he honours the legacy of his father, the former speaker of the Democratic Party Youth Forum, a friend and collaborator, Sokol Olldashi, who was tragically separated from life a few years ago,” said Basha.

The 300 European Democratic students have arrived in Tirana to participate in Saturday's national protest at the Prime Ministry at 18:30.