From Lushnja, Chairman of the Democratic Party, LulzimBasha said one of the worst consequences of Edi Rama's government with crime is the economic crisis, the effects of which are felt by every Albanian family. The head of the opposition said it is the gangs who determine who will work and who will get tenders in the situation of current days.

 "247 businesses closed the first week of January. 13 thousand closed last year, and if you take off Saturday and Sunday, from calculations it is estimated that 50 businesses are closed per week. "Edi Rama has declared war on ordinary people of this country. Youth is in despair and 70% of those leaving are between 19 and 35 years of age. "Albanian farmers have not seen any support from the state." said LulzimBasha. 

The opposition leader said that Edi Rama's pact with crime is destroying the justice reform in order protect power. A power which he bought with SaimirTahiri's drug money and the corruption of his ministers. 

"There will be no justice reform with Edi Rama as prime minister. Therefore, the January 27 protest is also a call for justice reform, for an uncaptured justice system. "It is a demand that SaimirTahiri go to jail, along with every minister, any local or federal official who has confirmed connections with organized crime." said LulzimBasha. 

The head of the opposition said that January 27 is the day of a journey that will continue with all forms of popular uprising until the collapse of government and therefore the alliance with crime which is, according to Basha, headed up by Edi Rama.