Intense rainfall over the last 24 hours, combined with the increase in discharge from hydro power plants in the Drin cascade, have worsened the flood situation in the district of Shkodra.

According to the report released by the Shkodra Municipality today, the flood situation has continued to deteriorate, with the total affected area now reaching over 2920 hectares.

The flood map is constantly expanding as a result of the weather, as well as the increased inflows not only from the Drini cascade but also from the Shkodra Lake and Buna River. 

The state has provided assistance in the form of 100 beds and 18 tents, made available to the municipality of Shkodra to provide accommodation for families in need of evacuation across the administrative unit.

The rainfall returned floods also to the city of Durres, where, this morning, many streets were under water, making the movement of people and vehicles difficult.

The most problematic situations centre around the areas of the Train Station, the number "4" neighborhood, the street near the stadium and "Taulantia" promenade. 

The water level reached up to 40 centimeters.

The rainfall has also caused a landslide with ground falling onto the Tepelenë-Gjirokastër road.

The road is damaged at the spot known as 'Cold Water', with the result that traffic can move in one direction only at this sector. 

Snow precipitation has returned in Valbona, while rainfall has impacted the entire Kukes region.

Many other road axes have also been affected by small landslides involving soil and stones.

Fierza Lake is currently within the allowable quotas, at a level 295.5 meters, however is only 50 cm from reaching the maximum point. As a result, functions of the hydropower plant here have been suspended.