One day after the interrogation of DP MP Ervin Salianji, the prosecution of serious crimes requires arrest in prison for Albert Veliu, who was born as "Babale" and his brother-in-law Fredi Alizoti. The measure was approved by the court.

Ora News has learned that the two people who accused the brother of the Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, of being implicated in drug trafficking, were also burdened with charges for making a false statement.

It is now believed that the brother-in-law of Albert Veliu, Fredi Alizoti, was the true voice of he who was claimed to be Agron Xhafaj in the audio tapping of a conversation with "Witness X". 

There is no charge, at least for the moment, for the MP of the DP Ervin Salianji as the person who first released the audio tapping from the DP headquarters.

Immediately after the publication of this news the chair of the DP, Lulzim Basha, provided his reaction. Via Twitter, he declared no one other outcome could be expected from a prosecution taken over by the state that he called Rama-Marku-Xhafaj-Prela.

Basha says that Agron Xhafaj was hiding for five years from justice and accuses that, with his brother's help, he urgently went to Italy to face the investigation. 

He went on to accuse today's prosecution of having been seized and offering only a montage of justice.

"Today, every Albanian understands more clearly than ever why Edi Rama needed the prosecution under his command," Basha said.

He went on to add that there was no other way to put bandits in front of their responsibilities other than by crushing the mafia in power by any means necessary.