The Chairs of the Parliamentary Groups of the two major opposition parties have filed a penal complaint to the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office on Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the audio-tapping on the brother of the Interior Minister.

DP group leader, Edmond Spaho, said the opposition calls for a penal investigation against Rama because of the lack of evidence provided regarding the declaration that the audio was false. 

"We directed the Prosecution to open a penal investigation against Edi Rama for obstruction of the truth by not surrendering the evidence in question. 

"We want to see the analysis from the international experts he claims have looked at the audio such a short period of time after it was published," said Edmond Spaho.

Meanwhile the leader of the SMI group, Petrit Vasili, said that there are two prosecutors in the country, one where penal charges are laid and the other, the prosecution of Edi Rama.

"Our common initiative is to clearly divide the prosecution before which Albanians are equal from the parallel prosecution of the Prime Minister. 

"This denouncement today puts in front of the public opinion that, in Albania, there are two prosecutors. 

"This prosecutor to whom we came today to file the penal report, and the prosecution of the Prime Minister, who conducted an investigation, made an expert analysis, issued results that he made public, and is the basis of which keeps this government standing. 

"After all, he said clearly that, 'I had expertise, I got the result, it was manipulated and on this basis I am willing for the Interior Minister to continue in his role'," said Petrit Vasili.