According the SMI, the negative response from the prosecution office regarding the accusations made against Prime Minister Rama, is proof that justice is already in the hands of the government.

The SMI Parliamentary Group Chair, Petrit Vasili informed that his political force has made a second statement of accusation.

This follows the response by the Accusation Body regarding the first instance, in which they stated there was no need for further investigations into the matter as the Prime Minister had made an apology on Social Media.

"The prosecution has not investigated the prime minister for asking police officers to vote for him" said Petrit Vasili.

The SMI gave a statement aimed at indicting the prime minister in June last year for violating the law and the Constitution, after he appealed to police officers to support the Socialist Party in the elections.

The Albanian constitution prevents any political campaigning amongst state employees of any level.

Although it did not attend the Chairmen's Conference Meeting, the SMI has expressed support for the Democratic Party's demand, which includes the resignation of the Assembly Speaker, Gramoz Ruçi.

"We support the DP request. Ruçi must resign or face termination." said Petrit Vasili.

Regarding the majority's accusations, that the opposition is hindering the country's EU integration, Vasili said that integration is hindered only by the 'capture' of the justice system resulting from the appointment of the Provisional Chief Prosecutor.