After judges and prosecutors, the next to pass through the vetting process will be politicians and businessmen. This was the announcement made by the head of government, Edi Rama, during the accountability tour's visit in Lushnja.

Rama said justice reform will not stop until the system is cleaned of all those who are corrupt.

"Many of the complaints we have received are related to court proceedings and that is why we have pushing hard for justice reform, to clean up the system from corrupt prosecutors and judges.

"Some of them have been dismissed due to the inability to justify their wealth, but do not think that it will end there. The reform will deal with everyone. Next are the politicians and businessmen," said Edi Rama.

Regarding employment, the Prime Minister said that, by the end of the year, 25,000 people will be hired. He made a further appeal to citizens to denounce all the administration employees who are abusing their positions.

Rama presented to the citizens all the reforms undertaken by the government he leads, and invited them to use the online platform for any complaint, promising a quick response to the problem they have.