Unlike other days, this Tuesday protest by students brought about another development.

Several Polytechnic University students have entered their assigned lessons together with teachers, however, the lessons were interrupted due to the low participation of students.

“Several students have tried to start teaching at the Faculty of Law but were dismissed because they were too small in number.

“There are many reasons why they tried to enter to the lesson, one of them being very low temperatures in the square.

“Many students are beginning to feel discouraged. But they do not realize that the more resistance the government has, the more resistance we have to do.

“They are returning and starting the march from the University to the Prime Ministry. 

Also the students are being organized in Law and other Faculties,” said one student.

Meanwhile in the faculty of Philology-History, some lessons were in fact held.

Teaching has also been held at the faculty of Law, but many students themselves have said to have received threats against them and pressure for returning to the University auditories.

This Tuesday's protest in front of the Prime Ministry started later than previous days. Although effected by low temperatures, students still gathered for their common purpose, stating their points with approval in Parliament.

Furthermore, students started the march from the Prime Ministry to the US Embassy, the Presidency and the Directorate.

The Prime Minister, Edi Rama, also reacted to the protest of students and the boycott of auditors.

In a post via Twitter, Edi Rama said that urged students not to be guided by misinformation.

Rama asks students not to pay more than 50% of the study fee.

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