16 MPs from the Democratic Party throughout the country have denounced problems with education on the first day of school.

Luan Baçi was beside the residents in the village of Boçova in Fier protesting against the closure of the school there. The residents said there were not consulted regarding the decision and that the issue of transport was not resolved either.

But the school director has a different version of the story, and says most of the parents have agreed to the transfer.

Dhurata Çupi was in Klos, where she said that in the Dibra district 30 schools were closed, the lack of economic conditions has caused dozens of students not to start the school year.

MP Lindita Metaliaj has denounced the closure of 9 schools in Lezha, while Klevis Balliu said that 7 schools were closed in Pogradec, and Tritan Shehu emphasized the closure of 18 schools in Gjirokastra.

Meanwhile, the Elbasan MPs Endri Hasa and Luçiano Boçi were in the Bradashesh School that has cost over 2million euro from the state budget, but has not yet been opened due to the low number of students.

The Opposition's denunciations were answered by Socialist Party Parliamentary Group Chair Taulant Balla from Elbasan.

Although they are not confirmed figures, DP MPs said they have recorded 133 less schools opening their doors for the first day of the school year. 

/Ora News.tv/